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About Us

Professional Customer Service

I pride myself on customer serviceand providing a great experience. I have been in this kind of roll all my life. I also like to teach people about theeir devices. 

Quality of Products

The biggest thing with this industry is the quality of parts. You can always find a cheaper job but with sloppy repairs. I have used the same vendor for 7 years. I use great parts but not OEM unless specified. Apple does not sell their parts so no one can get the original from them. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I guarantee my workand have some warranty on the screens. It is warrantied if you do not break the screen again. Parts are not always perfect so I pass the warranty I get for any discoloring or glitching. My work is also 100% top notch I do not skip putting screws or brackets back in the phone. My motto is what comes out goes back in. Including resealing the water resistance seal. 

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