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Cell Phone Screen Replacement

If your device screen is shattered, cracked or you see vertical lines, a new screen will clear all these up.


Computer Virus Removal

Is your computer slow booting up or pop ups when you're on the internet. I have many antivirus tools to get rid of viruses and malware.


Cell Phone, Computer Battery Replacement

If your device battery dies quickly, shuts down at certain percentages or it is bloating. Installing a new battery will resolve these issues.


Hard Drive upgrade or Replacement

Boot up slow getting around the entire computer? Your hard drive might be on its way out. I can replace that and get all your data back like you never left the old hard drive.


Charging Port Replacement

If your device 's charging cable doesn't plug in properly or it is not charging. The charging port might need cleaning or replaced all together. I can do that for you. 


Data Recovery

wet computers dead computers I can get your data back for you. 

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